Shadowing the Best of CanLit

Featuring the Shadow Giller

About Shadowing the Best of CanLit

Shadowing the Best of CanLit was created in response to creating a new and separate site for the Shadow Giller, but also allowing for a space to shadow or just cover really, all the other CanLit awards as well.

There are so many wonderful awards honouring the best in CanLit where it would be great to have a space where they could be covered, and/or shadowed by our own shadow juries. (For instance, we hope to shadow the new literary award for the Carol Shields Prize for Fiction.)

It is primarily the new site for the Shadow Giller, and with the permission and blessing from Kevin from Canada‘s wife, the Shadow Giller has been moved to its own site here. This will allow us to grow into the future, all without compromising Kevin’s site and legacy.

We look forward to celebrating the best of Canadian literature and its literary prizes.

We would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out to us at

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