Shadowing the Best of CanLit

Featuring the Shadow Giller

We would like to introduce the Shadow Giller Jury for the 2020 Giller Award season.

The 2020 Shadow Giller Jury is comprised of returning jurist Naomi from Consumed by Ink, Penny from Literary Hoarders, Kate at Feed Nova Scotia and Lindy from Lindy Reads and Reviews.


Consumed by Ink

Hi! I’ve been blogging at Consumed by Ink for over six years now, and have been on the Giller Shadow Jury for three. This year I’m thrilled to be reading with Penny and Kate and Lindy. (And a big thank you to Penny for creating this beautiful new site!) One of the things I love most about book blogging is the opportunity to read and discuss good books with other readers.

When I’m not reading, I’m a full time mother of three and a part-time library clerk. I’m a CanLit enthusiast with a special interest in Atlantic Canada (and cats), and a proud Nova Scotian. 

Find me here: Consumed by Ink


Literary Hoarders

Hello there! I am one-half of the Literary Hoarders and have been for well over 10 years now!

Reading consumes my life, and has for a very long time. You would most often find me at the library (where as a kid the librarians were a little skeptical that I would truly read all the books I borrowed) or in my reading chair – a dedicated reading chair is something I’ve had since I was a young girl aged 10.

CanLit obviously has a special place in my reading life and I’m thrilled to be a member of the jury for the Shadow Giller.

When I’m not reading I’m working at my city’s university and I’m very #WindsorProud


Hello! I’m very excited to be part of the Shadow Giller Panel after guest attending at the 2019 Giller Light Bash. 

Joining this great group of women is my catalyst of getting back into reading books regularly and I’m very excited. We all have different hobbies and avenues of learning and escapism; and for me reading is a wonderful outlet. Much like travel (minus the cost) I enjoy learning within characters, engrossing myself within a different environment and educating myself in shifting perspectives. I just love the education and adventure that happens every time I read a book.  A big fan of CanLit and actively chipping away at my “need to read” author lists, still scoping out new and emerging Canadian artists. A very cool personal CanLit factoid is I am a descendent of the Book of Negroes. 

When not reading I’m working my rewarding job at FEED NS, upcycling old discards into functional treasures, photography, creative writing, enjoying the outdoors, volunteering for various not for profits and social time with family and friends. 


Lindy Reads and Reviews

Readers’ services—and staff training on that art—was my passion during my 27 years at Edmonton Public Library. Now that I’ve retired, my reading pace has remained constant: about one book every day or two. I read to enlarge my sense of our world and to take delight in language. Audiobooks and comics format further engage my senses. My tastes are eclectic, but I gravitate towards Canadian and minority voices, particularly when these are written by women. 

Nature, gardening, textile arts, photography and vegetarian cooking help to satisfy my curiosity and creativity when I put down my books.

Find me here: Lindy Reads and Reviews


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