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Surprisingly, I feel more confident predicting the books for the shortlist than I did for the longlist. It probably just comes down to the fact that I’m only choosing from a list of fourteen, rather than over a hundred.

I decided to include six books on my list instead of the usual five, because of the fourteen on the longlist instead of the usual twelve. (In no particular order…)


(Is it just me, or do the covers go quite nicely together?)

Don’t forget… The real shortlist will be out on October 5th. This year’s shortlist will be revealed by past winners Esi Edugyan, Elizabeth Hay, Sean Michaels, Michael Redhill and Madeleine Thien, and streamed live at

7 thoughts on “My 2020 Giller Shortlist Wishlist

  1. Penny says:

    We have three of the same on our Shortlist predictions Naomi! I’m going to wait until I read a little more of the one I’ve got going now before I post. I’m totally anxious for Monday to see what the official list has! Will also be interesting again to see how many we have that are similar to our own lists and to the Giller judges! 🙂

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    1. Lindy says:

      Naomi, I think it’s safe to guess that the shortlist will have six titles. Three times in the past six years, the shortlist has contained 6 titles. There may even be seven this time, since the judges have made a longer longlist than ever before. I’ve still got one last title to read–Butter Honey Pig Bread–before I make a final guess at the shortlist, but I already know that mine will look much like yours.

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      1. Naomi says:

        I haven’t read them all yet, so had to make some educated guesses. 🙂
        I’m VERY curious to hear your thoughts on Butter Honey!


    2. Naomi says:

      I’m anxious, too! Partly because I need to know which books to purchase! There might be a couple I won’t be able to get in time through the library despite having all my requests in as soon as the longlist came out. This whole process is very strategic. 😉

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